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Failure Free Reading

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Failure Free Reading
PO Box 386
Concord, NC


What sets Failure Free Reading's solutions apart is the speed at which they work and the levels of academic attainment students achieve. Failure Free Reading is able to demonstrate immediate impact from the very first lessons with students currently identified in the research as “treatment resisters” or “chronic non-responders.”

Discover our complete reading solutions: Joseph's Readers, Life Skills, and Verbal Master 

Failure Free Reading Online provides students, parents and educators with a diverse library of online instructional modeling videos and other online multi-sensory reading comprehension and vocabulary resources such as:

  • eBooks
  • reinforcement activities
  • spelling software
  • close reading
  • alphabetizing
  • word order
  • and much more!

Using Failure Free Reading Online video modeling and instruction in practice makes teaching and learning so much easier!

Because everything is visual and oral, nonreaders don’t have to know how to read to learn how to read with comprehension and expression from age or cognitively appropriate books.

Failure Free Reading Online benefits include: fun, reduced stress, teaching flexibility, a multi-sensory teaching approach, and the wide variety of ways it can be used within a teaching setting.

Teaching comes alive while chronically struggling students watch, learn, imitate, and have fun watching its “real life” age-appropriate photos and stories.

Finally, your students can experience an online intervention for overaged students that does not rely on computer screens and graphics that smack of dancing bears and bunny rabbits.

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Joseph's Readers is an Online Multimedia Intense Reading Intervention for Chronically Struggling Students - Non-Readers Included! Joseph’s Readers is a nationally recognized, proven non-phonic first reading intervention that accelerates the vocabulary, comprehension, expressive fluency, and confidence of students who defy traditional reading interventions. The primary purpose of Joseph’s Readers is to provide parents, teachers or administrators with a proven mechanism to give chronic underperformers an immediate opportunity to immediately experience what it feels like to read fluently with expression and comprehension regardless of their prior reading ability. You'll see immediate results! 8x Faster than Phonics!


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Life Skills is an Online School-to-Career Transition Intervention Designed to Teach Your Hardest-To-Reach Secondary Special Ed Students. We reach the students that others can't. Try us. Life Skills is the ONLY program that combines a complete language literacy and life skill curriculum with beginning reading instruction! Life Skills is highly structured, data-driven and teacher-friendly. Now, even your hardest-to-reach learners can develop:

  • effective communication skills
  • work habits
  • job interview skills
  • and self-confidence – all while learning to read!

We can teach your overaged non-readers and special needs students how to read and be successful citizens!


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Verbal Master is a highly structured, research-based reading/vocabulary program that integrates vocabulary, word recognition, reading comprehension, spelling and written composition for middle-high school students.


Verbal Master builds and strengthens the academic vocabulary and writing skills essential for improving student achievement and test success. 


Students can't possibly read for meaning in middle and high school when they have an elementary-level vocabulary. Verbal Master teaches EDL Core Vocabulary words in multiple, age-appropriate, and culturally neutral contexts.


Verbal Master is also a great SAT/ACT prep solution.


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