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Mellin Works LLC 
4212 East Los Angeles Ave
Suite 3653
Simi Valley, Ca. 93065

Movement through play drives learning in children. EazyHold provides that pathway for exploration with low-tech, inexpensive, adaptive aids that are easily accessible and supportive of all students right from the start. Our soft silicone cuffs will assist your students to thrive and flourish in the fundamentals of art, music, writing, eating, and play without hand-over-hand assistance, maximizing your time and productivity. Your students can be set on task with one student painting, another writing, and another playing a musical instrument. 

Adapting existing classroom implements allows students to work independently at their own pace. EazyHolds are colorful for visual stimulation, can be used and reused by multiple students, will not harbor germs or spread bacteria. Made of 100% latex-free hygienic silicone, they are easy to keep clean and dry with wipes, or in the dishwasher basket. For water play and activities that involve wet environments, our aids adapt easily because they can get wet and will not slip. Wet toothbrushes, forks, kitchen implements, baby bottles, sippy cups, will comfortably stay put on hand or limb. 

EazyHold universal cuffs will allow children to control and actively explore their worlds by reducing and/or removing barriers to play and leveling the playing field. Providing access to low-tech devices such as EazyHold can make a profound difference in improving function in children with both cognitive and physical disabilities. Often the simplest things can make a huge difference to the student with individual needs for a happy and fulfilled life. 

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EazyHold Therapist/Teacher 7 Pack provides independent living and learning for all ages in hospitals, schools, special education classrooms, and at-home use. Latex-free, dish-washable, and disinfectant wipes safe. Adaptable, hygienic, and comfortable, the EazyHold Universal Cuff is a one-piece soft silicone strap, that is non-weighted and provides a mobility support handle for fine and gross motor skills. A simple, low-tech, and inexpensive adaptive grip aid for those with disabilities and special needs such as cerebral palsy, autism, aphasia, pediatric arthritis, TBI brain injury, stroke, cognitive and developmental disabilities at educational facilities and physical-occupational therapy centers. 


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Our colorful soft silicone adaptive aids make holding objects fun and easy. This pack has the five smallest sized EazyHold universal cuffs for infant to child, up to approximately 10 years old. 6 Months is the recommended beginning age for infants. This is the period when children began grasping and learning eye-hand coordination, gross and fine motor skills. Help your child to accomplish these important sensory and motor developmental milestones. For eating utensils, sippy cups, crayons, paint dabbers, music makers and shakers, gait trainers, toys for a wide range of disabilities, or physical challenges at home, school, therapy, and traveling.


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Our soft silicone universal cuff fits more than just a baby bottle or sippy cup, they also fit water and sports bottles and can also assist children with grip disabilities to hold large handled toys, remotes, musical instruments, and sporting equipment. Use to adapt a baseball bat, hockey stick, tennis racquet, cell phones, bicycle pedals/handlebars, or even a boat oar. Adjustable with wide openings for large objects for all activities of daily living. Latex-free, disinfectant wipes safe, dish washable at high temps, and quick to dry. 

  • You can even double it up for 2 handed use
  • No-slip grip for ADLs

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This pack includes 5 Eazyhold universal cuffs for ages approximately 10 years to adult. (If your youth's hand is small the Infant to Child pack may be a better fit). The comfortable silicone bands allow you to hold pens, pencil styluses, electric or standard toothbrushes, grooming/toileting aids, tools, toys, technology, remote controls, eating utensils, and kitchen implements, musical instruments, art brushes, paintbrushes or rollers. Sports equipment like tennis rackets, boat oars, fishing poles. Garden equipment like rakes, brooms, our Innovative utensil strap makes holding objects of daily living easy. Hypoallergenic, latex-free, easily washed, quick-drying, dishwasher and disinfectant wipes safe.


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The versatile EazyHold Blue Two Pack fits children to small-handed adults. Adapt an electric toothbrush, pencils, markers, paintbrushes, toys, and musical instruments. A child's gait trainer to get a better handhold. For adaptive sports like horseback riding reins, bike pedals/handlebars, or baseball bat. For wide-handled eating utensils and kitchen implements like large spoons and peelers. On beauty products and makeup brushes.This easy hold universal cuff will help children with finger or limb loss, poor fine and gross motor skills to hold many items for school, therapy, playtime, music, arts, allowing more independence, inclusive playtime, and the ability to do more. 


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