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Collaborative Learning Solutions

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Business Information

27274 Via Industria Suite B 
Temecula, California 92590 
United States

Collaborative Learning Solutions is an educational consulting firm that works with K-12 local education agencies around the country. They are committed to challenging the status quo in education and interrupting outcomes for marginalized youth, as the company started over ten years ago in special education focusing on emotional and behavioral disorders. Collaborative Learning Solutions serves as a thought partner to develop school climate guidelines and accountability systems that create equitable, safe, supportive, and thriving learning environments.


  • Auditing and Assessments
  • Consultation and Coaching
  • Program Evaluation, Development, and Integration
  • Professional Learning

Collaborative Learning Solutions has an Integrated Systems Improvement for Equity Framework that takes best practices from MTSS, SEL, and more. They specialize in the following areas:

  • Tiered Systems of Support
  • Root Cause Analysis and Significant Disproportionality
  • Intervention Programs
  • Equity Support
  • Restorative Practices
  • Student Advocacy Centers
  • Trauma Support
  • Responsive Discipline

Their Measurable Impact on Education:

  • 140+ Local Educational Agencies Served
  • 2,2025+ School Sites Served
  • 65,392+ Educators Served
  • 1,360,240+ Students Impacted

Resulting in:

  • 47% Reduced Suspensions
  • 68% Reduced Expulsions

“If Collaborative Learning Solutions was not on board with us, guiding us every step of the way, we would probably not be at the point we are now.”- Dr. Brenda Lewis, Associate Superintendent of Instruction, Kern High School District (CA)
“The company is on the cutting edge of social-emotional learning, PBIS…and education.” - Dr. Zhanna Preston, Director of Special Education, Murrieta Valley Unified School District (CA)

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CEC Article - CLS Overview


With the right thought partner and strategies, YOU can become an agent of change in transforming traditional education from the inside out!


Collaborative Learning Solutions serves as a thought partner for state, regional, and county offices and Pre-K-12 school districts to develop school climate guidelines and accountability systems that create equitable, safe, supportive, and thriving learning environments. They also specialize in interventions for students showing lagging skill development, disabilities, trauma, or any combination of the three causing severe behavior and/or emotional concerns.


Check out their robust solutions for superintendents, administrators, principals, educators/teachers, counselors/therapists, students, and more!


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CEC Directory - C5 Intervention Program (1)


C5, which stands for Core Five, is a cognitive-based intervention program developed by Collaborative Learning Solutions to specifically target students showing lagging skill development, disabilities, trauma, or any combination of the three causing severe behavior and/or emotional concerns. The program is designed as an alternative to sending students to non-district programs, such as non-public schools or residential treatment centers, allowing districts to have quality control and assuring students receive equitable education.


Click to learn more about this impactful program and how we can help!


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CLS FREE Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Lessons


Collaborative Learning Solutions encourages educators to focus on SEL skill-building by integrating CASEL’s and Harvard Graduate School of Education’s frameworks. SEL for both adults and children creates equitable, safe, supportive, and thriving learning environments.


Check out Collaborative Learning Solutions’ FREE SEL lessons on their website!


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CEC Directory - Tiered Systems of Support


Tiered Support for school districts and sites is a strategy to organize practices intended to deliver equitable, student-centered instruction. Collaborative Learning Solutions’ (CLS) integrated approach supports the whole child through a series of evidence-based practices, interventions, and enrichments. Tiered support employs data-based decision-making strategies based on common assurances to provide the necessary support for students to achieve academic, social, and behavioral success. The CLS approach targets district and site systems to provide equitable supports.


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CEC Directory - Root Cause Analysis


Root Cause Analysis is used to identify the basis for the disproportionality. Stakeholders triangulate and analyze data points to discern patterns of behavior and determine impetus for the disproportionality. From these findings, the stakeholders are able to hypothesize the problem and formulate solution-based plans. Collaborative Learning Solutions utilizes a four-phase model for assisting school districts in responding to disproportionality. Our team, led by CDE-approved Technical Assistance Facilitator, Dr. Jon Eyler, can assist districts with the root cause analysis and assist with the development of a Comprehensive Coordinated Early Intervening Services plan to address areas of disproportionality based on the state’s requirements.


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EC Directory - Trauma Support


Pre-pandemic, >60% of students reported at least one traumatic event by the time they were 16 years old. Since the pandemic, 100% of students have experienced at least one traumatic event before reaching adulthood. Trauma survivors may experience more lasting effects, such as learning problems, increased need for physical and mental health services, increased involvement with child welfare and juvenile systems, as well as increased vulnerability to substance abuse and long-term health problems. With trauma support in their schools and communities, children and young adults can successfully process and overcome these adverse events. Learn more!


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CEC Directory - Appreciative Inquiry


Collaborative Learning Solutions works closely with school districts’ stakeholders and/or leadership teams to review their current structures in place, including their developed plans, policies, resources (both material and labor), interventions, and trainings. They then use our four-phase process to audit, assess, and guide a recommendation report to support building sustainable and equitable structures for LEAs.


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