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CID-Central Institute for the Deaf

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825 South Taylor Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63110

CID provides intensive assessment-and ability-based academic training and listening and spoken language education for students with hearing loss ages 0 to 12 years. CID serves children birth to 3 in the Joanne Parrish Knight Family Center by helping their families learn to work with them at home. In the toddler classes, children from 18 months to 2 years old receive small-group and one-on-one instruction from experienced teachers of the deaf and speech-language pathologists. The program features remote coaching, home visits and flexible scheduling. In CID's Anabeth and John Weil Early Childhood Center, teachers of the deaf and early childhood specialists help 2- to 5-year-olds build speech, language, pre-literacy, pre-academic and social skills in a child-friendly, language-rich environment. The CID Virginia J. Browning Primary School prepares children 6 to 12 years old to succeed in their own local schools. CID school children benefit from significant scholarship support, on-site pediatric audiology and occupational therapy, a school counselor, before and after school care and a better than 4-1 student-teacher ratio. CID turns no deaf or hard of hearing child away based on a family's inability to pay. CID also offers practicum experiences for graduate students at local universities, continuing education courses for professionals and educational curricula and products used to help deaf children worldwide.

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The CID Teacher Assessment of Grammatical Structures (TAGS) is a series of three rating forms developed to evaluate a child’s understanding and use of the grammatical structures of English. The rating forms provide a representation of grammatical structures for children with hearing loss who develop grammatical structures in smaller increments and at slower rates compared to children who are typically developing. TAGS will help:

  • determine present levels of syntax skills
  • determine syntax goals for IEPs and lessons
  • track syntax development over time and
  • report syntax progress to parents and other professionals


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The CID SPICE (Speech Perception Instructional Curriculum and Evaluation) kit is a popular auditory training curriculum designed to help teachers and SLPs improve auditory skill development for students who are deaf and hard of hearing. SPICE will help you:

  • evaluate a student’s speech perception abilities
  • plan auditory skills instruction
  • measure and record student progress and
  • report to parents and other professionals.

From speech detection to suprasegmental perception, vowel and consonant perception and connected speech, SPICE includes skills and activities for beginning listeners and up.


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Watch CID's expert-led deaf education online courses anytime, anywhere for FREE. Each course is designed to help you achieve specific learning outcomes to better identify challenges, plan lessons, complete activities and report progress for each individual child. Browse everything from the fundamentals of deaf education to advanced speech and language learning techniques.


Optional continuing education credits and/or certificates of completion are available following a course via a small CID processing fee. If you represent a group or district with continuing education needs, group pricing is available.


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Access CID's free deaf education downloads to use as a reference for your office, classroom or other working setting. Our free materials cover the areas of auditory development, speech and language, vocabulary instruction, developing IEP goals and more.


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CID's workshops and in-services are designed to train teachers and other professionals on listening and spoken language strategies they can use to support their current and future students with hearing loss. To meet the financial and practical needs of your organization, we offer our workshop topics in various formats including on-site, off-site and remote options. ASHA CEUs and AG Bell CEUs, as well as certificates of completion, are included with the cost of each workshop format.


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