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2470 Windy Hill Rd. 
Suite 300 
Marietta, GA 30067 

AFLSonline™ is the premier cloud-based platform for assessing, tracking, and teaching functional living skills that can be used on any of your electronic and mobile devices.

For one low yearly subscription price, you are granted access to all 6 AFLS® protocols to assess as many times as you wish all year long.

Never shade an AFLS® grid or write an AFLS® report again! The AFLSonline™ automatically scores and updates the skills tracking grids. The auto-generated reports detail mastered skills, partially mastered skills, and allows you to select skills to recommend for teaching, all with the click of a button.

Want to have another caregiver or professional assess your learner? Simply designate which skills, skill content areas, or entire protocols to be completed by someone else. The platform will email them a link so they can complete just those designated skills. When they do, you can see their scores and accept all or some of those results to be incorporated with your own.

Are you currently using the AFLS® books? If so, previous assessment data for an unlimited number of previous assessments is easily uploaded into the AFLSonline™ platform in minutes. You will not have to lose any previous assessment data or results. You will not have to re-answer any previously answered questions.

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The Assessment of Functional Living Skills (AFLS) is online in an easy to use, cloud-based, secure, digital platform. Over 1900 skills in 6 different assessment protocols so you can make the perfect assessment for your learner. ADLs, social skills, relationships, technology, transportation, functional language, and so much more. Easy to assess, easy to interpret results, auto-recommended skills to teach, report generator, and much more. Ages 6-90. Can be used by teachers, parents, SLPs, OTs, BCBAs, and psychologists. Skills range from very basic to very advanced. Settings include Home, Community, School, Vocational, Transitions, and life after school.


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