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Educating All Learners Alliance

The Educating All Learners Alliance (EALA) represents a dynamic alliance of non-partisan groups deeply committed to the success of students with disabilities.
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Brooklyn, NY 11202-5796

The Educating All Learners Alliance (EALA) is an uncommon alliance of more than 90 organizations that represent voices from a diverse range of communities, including disability advocacy, parent, special education, civil rights, and K-12 nonprofit education organizations. EALA has established a digital hub with close to 2 million hits and the resource library averages 30,000 searches weekly. EALA partners have formed teams to produce groundbreaking resources with the collective knowledge and energy of our partner organizations. They have also built new resources dedicated to supporting students and school communities affected by trauma, including on challenges emerging at the intersection of disability and race in public schools. EALA’s case studies and examples from the field have demonstrated the pathway to possible—from co-teaching remotely to harnessing technology to meet students where they are. One of the most recent projects is EALA's Tech Tool Library which provides site visitors with the accessibility, privacy, and research based design information on their most frequently used ed tech tools. Looking ahead, EALA imagines a new model of education that truly meets the needs of all learners.

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EALA is bringing together straightforward accessibility information for the digital educational products educators trust to use in classrooms. Within our Tech Tool Library, search a tool and click to learn about the product’s accessibility features. Products in this library include descriptions and validity badges such as the Learner Variability Certification, Research-Based Design Certification, and the Project Unicorn Pledge.


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This resource, developed by EALA, shares how every organization can update their practices to promote accessibility for all event and meeting participants. This will especially help participants who have disabilities, in order to promote their ability to attend and participate.


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Welcome to the Educating All Learners Alliance(EALA) podcast! In this episode you will learn about how EALA was created, and what we hope to learn and share in each episode.


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This resource is one of EALA's most popular case studies. It features interviews with two teachers to understand their experiences, challenges, and successes and to share their feedback in order help educators better support deaf and hard of hearing students, especially in distance learning settings. The EALA website includes many similar case studies featuring best practices from the field.


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